Guitar Lessons

Need to learn an Eb Maj7?

   So you've got that awesome guitar you've always wanted and you're ready to rock and roll, but oh wait you need to learn how to play it! Unfortunately learning to play a guitar isn't as easy as Guitar Hero and Rock Band made it out to be... So now you've got a choice to learn it all by yourself with a book or youtube videos OR you can take lessons. There's nothing wrong with teaching yourself, there's a lot of great material out there to learn with. Imagine though if you had a professional instructor guiding you along the way with lessons personalized exactly to what you wanted and needed to learn in order to be the guitar legend you aspire to be. Wouldn't that be awesome! We've got just the right instructors to help you achieve those goals, no matter what they are!

Jeff Kozelski

Paul Gelpi

Mike Grimm